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Ambience Library

With this soundpack you get a vast variety of deep, splashing, bubbling and bursting water sound effects recorded during extensive field recording sessions above and under the surface of water.


Hear water like you´ve never heard before!

The recordings for this soundpack took place at three different locations: Two beautiful lakes and one outdoor swimming pool. We recorded above and under the surface of water and used all kind of props to perform and capture characterful, deeply bubbling and bursting water sound effects.

For the underwater recordings we rented the high quality, mind blowing underwater stereo recording rig from Sonar Surround. These microphones are able to capture a huge frequency range between “5Hz to 85 kHz”! and their “enormous sensitivity and the resulting signal to noise ratio offer a usable dynamic range of more than 100dB. Thus, even the smallest grain of sand movement can be recorded without disturbing noise floor.“
(Quoted from: http://www.ambient.de/produkte/ambient-recording/unterwasser/hydrophone.html)

The final recordings captured with these magic microphones simply blew us away and we were even more impressed when we started to listen to the sounds at lower playback speeds. Pitched down by one to two octaves the sounds start to sound huge and gain in size but it does not feel like pitched down. It feels more like a perfect slow motion that reveals new details about each little water bubble as if you would simply zoom into the sound. We have never heard anything like this before.
This is why we added the underwater recordings as pitched down (lower playback speed) versions as well. Recalculating this offline gives you a better result than doing it in realtime in your sound browser for example. And we believe you will use the pitched down versions a lot! :-)
Beside the underwater recordings we also had exclusive field recording sessions at a beautiful and silent lake where we were concentrating to capture thick and exciting water sound effects from above the surface with our Schoeps MS Stereo Rig. We brought all kind of props like a large drainpipe, big plastic buckets, pedals and a slingshot to perform a huge variety off impacts, movements, splashes, sloshes, swirling and gurgling water sound effects.

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192 kHz
Resolution 192kHz/24Bit
Size 4,03 GB (6,5 GB incl. pitched down versions)
Format Files
Stereo 140 Files
Pitched Down (96kHz) for convenience 74
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$99,00 US

$79,20 US excl.Vat

$99,00 US excl.Vat


Important: Before you buy you should know that the sounds sold through this website are meant for single user license only. If you want to use our sounds on more than one workstation you need a multi user license please contact us.


1 x Sonar Hydrophon 2 x TC 4042
1 x MS Schoeps CCM41, CCM8 Combination
2 x Sound Devices 702
DS 20 Directivity Sphere Balls

All Wav sounds are thoughtfully tagged with metadata ready for use in Soundminer, Protools, Basehead and many more!


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