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Generel Questions

Of course. just write us an email, containing the order number.

Of course. just send us an email, containing your order number, and we will send you the links asap.

Yes. Everytime you buy the big version, you can have the smaller version for free, too. Just write us an email, containing your order Number.

Questions about VAT

After filling in your order details and choosing your payment method, yo will get to the next site where you will see „Your Order“. There you can put in your VAT. The vat will be taken out after clicking on the „Update VAT ID“ link, left beneath the field where you put it in.

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Just send us (info@tonsturm.com) or fastspring (support@fastspring.com) an email, containing your order number.

Although we are a german company, we sell through our reseller „Fastspring“, which is in California, US. So, you are not buying from us, but from a US company.

Allthough we are a german company, we are selling through our californian reseller “fastspring”. That means, that you are buying from a company in california. So don´t forget to type in your vat id!


Nearly there!
We have now sent an email to the address provided, containing a confirmation link.

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