Countless recording sessions took place to serve you the most impressive fire sound effects library available. Many of the included effects have been recorded interior and exterior. Huge fire fireball whooshes, bursts, gasoline trails, blackpowder, various torches and lycopodium flashes were recorded in acoustically diverse environments like abandoned protection bunkers and industry halls. For the outdoor recording sessions we successfully scouted for the ideal gravel quarry here in Germany. In cooperation with our pyrotechnician and with permission of the local police department we were able to arrange an insane recording session where we were able to totally burn down 3 cars still containing most of their interior fittings.
Furthermore we teamed up with our partner Tapio Liukkonen from Finland who contributed amazing recordings for this library. Especially his massive custom build gasoline flamethrower provided the fattest sounding fire streams we ever heard.
Everything was covered with multiple microphone setups featuring different sound flavors and perspectives. AKG, Schoeps, Sennheiser, Sanken e.t.c.
Finally inspired by Richard Devine we also did recordings of burning wood embers recorded under water, capturing the weirdest chirping and chattering from an out of this world jungle chorus. These amazing textures were recorded with the  Ambient ASF-1 MarkII hydrophones.