This massive bundle is the bomb!
It serves you 1000 Sound files of professional explosion sound effects. You can use this library bundle to design all blast, burst and detonation scenarios in your sound design projects. May it be games, movies or series, these prime explosion sound effects are featured in all different sizes and were recorded from every distance and angle.

The pleasingly fat and air ripping sound of pure gasoline blowing up, to the breathtaking recordings of massive steal and rock bursting detonations, to the brutal sounding explosive deconstruction of cars. The maximum size bundle surely is a blast and should be part of every sound designers pool library.

The following libraries are fully included in this bundle:
Massive Explosions | Gasoline Explosions | Car Explosions

Do you already own one or two of this libraries? You can get the bundle discount on the remaining libraries. Just drop us an email which libraries you already have, and we will send you a custom PO link.