TONSTURM 12 | Quiet Forest

This library features ambience recordings that were captured in the beautiful and multifaceted landscapes of the World Heritage - Müritz National Park in Germany. All sounds were recorded in discrete Auro 9.0 and are available in: Auro-3D®, 5.0 Surround and Stereo. We are proud to announce that this ambience library is realized in collaboration with AURO-Technologies®.

TONSTURM 12 | Quiet Forest

With TONSTURM 12 | Quiet Forest
you get:
36 ambiences in, 24 Bit / 96 kHz in the following formats:

Auro-3D® ( 5.0 LOWER LAYER “Surround“ + 4.0 HEIGHT LAYER / 72 multi channel files total )

5.0 Surround ( 5.0 Surround / 36 multi channel files )

2.0 Stereo ( 2.0 Stereo Downmix / 36 stereo files )

Check this link for PDF file listing or check here for XLS file listing!

Important: Before you buy you should know that the sounds sold through this website are meant for single user license only. If you need a multi user license please contact us.

Auro-3D® 96 kHz Version / Price: $169.00 US - 15% Off until 31.04.2014

• 24 Bit 96 kHz / 72 Files Auro-3D® ( 5.0 LOWER LAYER “surround“ + 4.0 HEIGHT LAYER ) / over 18 GB when unrar´d

5.0 Surround 96 kHz Version / Price: $129.00 US - 15% Off until 31.04.2014

• 24 Bit 96 kHz / 36 Files (5.0 Surround) / over 10 GB when unrar´d

2.0 Stereo 96 kHz Version / Price: $89.00 US - 15% Off until 31.04.2014

• 24 Bit 96 kHz / 36 Files (2.0 Stereo) / 3,98 GB when unrar´d

Important: Please understand that the download sales are final. TONSTURM can not issue product refunds for download sales. All sounds are royalty free. Before downloading please check here for the full legal license.

About the different available formats:

• The AURO-3D® Version:
2 multi channel surround layers (Lower & Height Layer) for each ambience. The 5.0 Lower Layer „Surround“ is recorded with 5 omni directional Schoeps microphones. The 4.0 Height Layer features 4 wide cardioid Schoeps microphones. This version of the library is also very useful when only working in 5.0 surround as you can choose between two different characteristics for each ambience. Detailed information about the Auro-3D
® format can be found here:

• The 5.0 Surround Version:
1 multi mono 5.0 Ch surround file, recorded with 5 omni directional Schoeps microphones.

• The 2.0 Stereo Version:
1 interleaved stereo file for each ambience.

Location and Recording:

Making this forest nature ambience pack was something we have planned for quiet a while. Finding the right spot for the recordings of this library was crucial as we needed an environment that for obvious reasons had to be far away from any busy rural areas and features a multi faced landscape. After a long research period we found the ideal spot. With its dense forests, glistering lakes and mysterious marshlands the Müritz National Park has a lot of varying and impressive sounding environments to offer.
The recordings took place in Autumn - September and during this season the area was abandoned from people. The nature was really quiet as a lot of birds have migrated into the south. The birds that were present were rather chirping than singing. We recorded during day and night time - listening to the magical nature which sometimes was so quiet that we could hear the sound of our bloodstream. We also captured the sound of distant deer as it was rutting season.
One evening we were sitting at a lake, pitch dark, we were expecting not much to happen. Out of a sudden, we heard a group of geese flying right above our microphone rig. These were probably the final laggards heading south.
Having captured all these beautiful sounds in this detailed resolution was quiet an undertaking and makes us really proud.

Immersive Audio - Testing, Preparing, Mastering:

Quiet Forest is our first ambience library recorded in Auro 9.0. We got introduced to this revolutionary format last year, thanks to Wilfried Van Baelen (CEO Auro-Technologies® / Galaxy Studios, Belgium). After diving deeper into Auro-3D® and the world of immersive audio we were strongly convinced that this is the next step in cinema sound. One of the big benefits of Auro-3D® is that it´s channel layout allows to capture tailored multi-channel recordings. The Auro 9.0 recordings can be played back discretly in every Auro-3D® Studio environment. To our ears Auro-3D® offers the most natural, immersive and three dimensional reproduction of the recorded spaces.
Before we started our recording trip we tested multiple Auro-3D® Rigs and microphone combinations. Thanks to AURO-Technologies® we were able to do these important tests in the highly professional studio environment of the Galaxy Studios. The listening tests and the final mastering session were done at the AuroTorium (Galaxy Studios), which is the most cutting edge Auro-3D® dubbing stage in Europe.


5 * Schoeps omni microphones
4 * Schoeps wide cardioid microphones
1 * Michael Williams 9.0 Auro-Rig

1 * Deva Recorder

All Wav sounds are thoughtfully tagged with metadata ready for use in
Soundminer, Protools, Basehead and many more!

Each rar file contains a single Folder.

BIG thanks goes to:

Wilfried Van Baelen
Gonzalo García
Sven Mevissen
The exceptional staff at Galaxy Studios
Brigitte Klotzsch