TONSTURM 04 | The Windhowler

This Soundpack is based on the recordings of the very rare Mole-Richardson Windhowler Moleeffect Type 2281. During extensive recording sessions we captured every aspect of this inimitable sound effect instrument. All sounds are recorded, edited and mastered in HD Audio @ 24 Bit, 96 KHz.

TONSTURM 04 I The Windhowler

TONSTURM 04 | The Windhowler you get 44 haunting wind sound effects. Split into 24 original and 20 carefully designed sound effects created by using the source recordings only. 4.21 GB (@96 kHz) full of breezing, howling or blustering wind effects...
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What is a Windhowler?
From the user manual:
"The windhowler is capable of producing almost any type of wind sound "live", in varying pitch and indefinite length for ease in cueing to stage action or for recording purposes. Sounds are created by employing the 15 resonators either singly or in combinations up to four at a time while operating the fan unit. The integral variable transformer provides a means of varying the sounds from a whisper to a shriek.”

When we discovered this machine we were literally blown away. We had seen videos of mechanical or hand powered sound effect probs from the early days but this device here is an electrical working machine.
It seems that this magic box has been invented in the 1950´s. You can choose between 15 different resonators and record them solo or in combinations of 2, 3, or 4 at a time. Four different resonator mounting discs are provided with 1 to 4 holes. If you have chosen a set of resonators you can then alter the sound with the big power knob. It is possible to perform very drastic or subtle wind sound effects. But there are also other options to shape the sound. If you put your finger or hand near the resonator hole the sound changes in a very convincing way. Combining these two methods of sound manipulation serves you surprisingly authentic and effectual wind sound effects. We did record a lot of material in multiple sessions and experimented with all kind off techniques to perform the sound. With this Soundpack you get the very best of our recordings carefully edited and mastered.

These sort of wind sound effects literally call for effect manipulation, so we added 20 designed wind sound effect files that were created by using the source recordings only. There went a lot of work into these designed sounds and the goal was to increase the variety of the original recordings even more and to show what can be achieved with only the source sounds.

Recording Equipment:
Sound Devices 702
Schoeps CCM41, CCM8 Combination

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96 kHz Resolution / Price: 69 $
24 Bit 96 kHz / 44 Files / 4,21 GB when unrar´d

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Check this link for PDF file listing or check here for XLS file listing!
All sounds are thoughtfully tagged with metadata ready for use in Soundminer, Protools, Basehead and many more!

All recordings are offered as LR Stereo versions!

For clarification:
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Each rar file contains a single Folder.
TONSTURM_04_The_Windhowler_Original_Part_1_of_2 (840,5 MB rar´d)
TONSTURM_04_The_Windhowler_Original_Part_2_of_2 (811,23 MB rar´d)
TONSTURM_04_The_Windhowler_Designed_Part_1_of_2 (587,37 MB rar´d)
TONSTURM_04_The_Windhowler_Designed_Part_2_of_2 (579,4 MB rar´d)

We would like to thank: Manfred Klotzsch for operating the camera in our Teaser and Trailer, Mark Mangini for his help and research, and Holger Brochhaus for everything....