TONSTURM 16 | Istanbul

With this ambience surround library you get the sound of Istanbul, captured with our discrete wide spaced omni rig which has proven to be perfect for cinematic needs. You get over 27 GB of 5.0 ambiences capturing sounds ranging from characterful narrow side streets to busy high streets, lively squares, vivid pedestrian areas, clouds of walla, small and big construction sides and ideal diffuse top roof atmospheres. We recorded on the Asian and European side of Istanbul, indoors and outdoors - during all day times. We covered historic places from the Cistern Basilica, the Grand Bazaar or the Blue Mosque. We have been there to capture as much of this breath taking city as possible.

TONSTURM 16 | Istanbul

The library is available in two different formats:

TONSTURM 16 | Istanbul - Surround @ 96 kHz
99 Ambiences / 5.0 Surround / Total Length +5 Hours / Stereo down mixes included / Recorded and mastered @ 96kHz, 24Bit
- Over 27GB when unrar´d (Stereo version has an additional 11GB unrar´d)

TONSTURM 16 | Istanbul - Stereo @ 96 kHz
99 Ambiences / 2.0 Stereo down mixed / Total Length +5 Hours / Recorded and mastered @ 96kHz, 24Bit
- Over 11GB unrar´d

Check this link for PDF file listing or check here for XLS file listing!

Important: Before you buy you should know that the sounds sold through this website are meant for single user license only. If you need a multi user license please contact us.


TONSTURM 16 | Istanbul - 5.0 Surround @96 kHz
Price: $159,00 US

• 24 Bit 96 kHz / 99 Files / Length: +5 Hours
• Includes 5.0 Surround and 2.0 Stereo Version (each has 99 Files)
• over 27 GB when unrar´d. With Stereo Version thats over 38GB when unrar´d


TONSTURM 16 | Istanbul - 2.0 Stereo @96 kHz
Price: $129,00 US

• 24 Bit 96 kHz / 99 Files / Length: +5 Hours
• Includes 2.0 Downmixed Stereo Version
• Over 11GB when unrar´d


Istanbul is vibrant, fascinating and huge! It is actually the largest european city and the gate to the Asian continent. You will be served with empty mosques, spacious bazaar bustle, diffuse call to prayers, lively small streets, playing children, dense walla, ringing tram bells, heavy traffic, screaming seagulls and much more. The sheer size of Istanbul becomes more apparent when recording from a top roof and we got plenty of those!

For producing the city ambience library of Istanbul we have made a lot of research and together with the crucial help from the local director Sinem Sakaoglu, we managed to get to places, that would not have been accessible without her. For example recording in the Basilica Cistern or the Blue Mosque without any people or tourists was quiet an experience. We were equipped with our wide spaced omni rig (The Williams Tree), with 5 Sennheiser Mkh 8020 microphones and an extra Double MS Setup with a Mkh8040,8050 and Mkh30 for situations where we had to be most flexible.
We can´t praise our wide spaced Omni Rig enough, we did several tests in the past, and we can say with certainty that true wide spaced time of arrival recorded ambiences are best suited for cinematic needs. But also on studio or TV speakers this wideness just pleases the listener.

A lot of the ambiences can be used for other cities places as well. We can imagine a lot of projects and scenarios where this library has to offer a lot in terms for designing urban ambiences. Enjoy diving into one of one of the most interesting cities on Earth - Istanbul.


5.0 Surround Michael Williams Tree with 5 x Sennheiser MKH 8020 Omni microphones
Double MS setup with 1 * Sennheiser MKH 8050, 1 * MKH 8040, 1 * MKH 30.

1 * Deva VI

All Wav sounds are thoughtfully tagged with metadata ready for use in
Soundminer, Protools, Basehead and many more!

Each rar file contains a single folder.

BIG thanks goes to:
Sinem Sakaoglu