TONSTURM 18 | Ferocious Creatures

This library serves you all the roaring, growling, slobbering, squealing, chirping, grunting, choking and gasping you´d ever need to create fascinating and rich sounding creature and monster sound effects or to turn any of your sound design to the dark side. Recorded with up to 100kHz frequency range due to the SANKEN CO-100k microphone, the sounds bear maximum twist and bending possibilities. Simply pitch and zoom into the sound and discover all the feral, brute and ferocious bits waiting to be discovered.

TONSTURM 18 | Ferocious Creatures

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Important: Before you buy you should know that the sounds sold through this website are meant for single user license only. If you need a multi user license please contact us.


TONSTURM 18 | Ferocious Creatures @192 kHz
Price: $159,00 US

• 24 Bit 192 kHz / 311 Files / Multiple sounds per file
•  Includes 2.0 Stereo and 1.0 Mono / over 5 GB when unrar´d


For this library we unleashed the beast in us to come up with the most terrifying and convincing creature voice effect library available.

Besides torturing and strangling our own vocal cords we brought in a professional death metal singer, friends and even family support. But for the main part of this creature voice effect library we worked together with Olof Johnsson. Olof is a professional voice artist and he provided creature sounds for Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies”. He is able to perform an amazing range of realistic creature sounds from tiny chirping critters to gigantic monsters. We were simply mesmerized by his performance and came to the conclusion Olof must have some kind of magic, organic vocal shift and transformation effect implemented into his vocal chords.

For booking requests Olof Johnson can be reached here:

All performances were captured with microphones that feature an extended frequency range. Besides the Sennheiser 8000 series we equipped ourselves with the Sanken CO 100k microphone especially for this library project. Recording and mastering the creature performances with the Sanken CO 100k was a revelation, as it captures a pristine and clean frequency spectrum up to 100 kHz! When recorded in 192khz it is a pure joy to zoom endlessly into the sound. You can choose to make it as big as a Godzilla eating monster, or pitching it up until the monster becomes a tiny critter eating out of your hands.

During the mastering process we already repitched the individual performances so they sound best right out of the box. Besides the repitching and moderate frequency equalisation the signal remained pure and untouched. So you can further repitch them to what ever size you wish. No additional effects where added, so you get all the needed detail and clarity to tweak and process the sounds to your needs.

Sanken CO-100K
Sennheiser MKH 8040 / 30
Sound Devices 788 / 744

All Wav sounds are thoughtfully tagged with metadata ready for use in
Soundminer, Protools, Basehead and many more!

Each rar file contains a single folder.


Vocal cord scoping videos provided by: